1 As voyages of M V Kavaratti touches/re-touches more islands, online system experiencing heavy load on releasing time causing more transaction failures.All efforts will be taken, continuously, to upgrade S/W and H/W.Kindly co-operate.
2 Attention : Please do not login in multiple Machine/Windows/Tabs with same User-id simultaneously, otherwise you will be automatically logged-out Or causes transaction failures.
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4 The sailing of MV Amindivi on 30.05.2019 stands postponed due to the rough sea in the entrance of old Mangalore Port.
5 Sailing of Ships Amindivi & Minicoy which was scheduled to sail on 29.04.2019 is postponed for one day due to weather warning. Ships will sail on 30/04/2019 (Subject to Weather condition) as per published schedule. Boarding time also will be same. Passengers are requested to follow the above timings.
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7 Ticket releasing on 27.04.2019 as per the published time chart is postponed due to power failer in W/Island.New date and time will be communicated later.
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10 Revised boarding time of Ship Lagoons sailing from Kochi on 25.04.2019 will be 1300hrs to 1430hrs.Passengers are requested to follow the timings.