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2 Modified & Revised boarding time of ships sailing from Kochi on 30.10.2021 are as follows (1)MV LAGOONS From 0900hrs to 1030hrs (2)MV CORALS From 1500hrs to 1630hrs All bonafide passengers are requested to reach the boarding point on time. They are also requested to strictly follow the existing Covid SOP issued by UTL Administration. Note All passengers are requested to carry hard copy of their tickets while at boarding point.
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4 Wait list tickets will be available even if availability shows 0. So please try for it..
5 70%Online tickets for ship Corals sailing on 17.10.2021 will be released on 15.10.2021 at 0830hrs.(As per existing procedure, ie island to mainland and inter-island tickets will be released after 24 hours after release of mainland to island tickets with 1 hour gap between release of cabin class and bunk class tickets) Please log on to to obtain tickets. 30%Counter tickets for above ship will be available at 1030hrs in counters. 17.10.2021KOCHI 18.10.2021MCY 19.10.2021AGT KVT 20.10.2021KOCHI
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